Spring Hanging Bag.

Spring is here my crocuses are blooming!  What better way to celebrate spring  than with a hanging bag with crossed stitched crocuses on it:) or with a spring pin-keeps or strawberries!

My Spring Hanging bag is cross stitched on natural linen, fully lined, pieced together with two coordinating cotton fabrics, measuring  10 x 8 inches not including extra long hanger and filled with dried flowers.

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase. 

Spring Hanging Bag              60.00
Travel fare                                8.00 

Spring Bunny.

Spring Bunny Is stitched on batik fabric with fancy embroidery stitches and over dyed floss, squared off bottom so the bunny stands nicely, very firmly stuffed, measures 16 inches tall.

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Spring Bunny                  75.00
Travel fare                       14.00

Bird and Flower Pin-Keep...

My bird and flower pin-keep is double, the top pin-keep is crossed stitches on straw colored linen
with over dyed floss, blanket stitch around the outer edge,  toped off with stick pins and vintage buttons...The bottom pin-keep is made for a coordinating fabric with a blanket stitch around the outer edge... Tied together with cording with a sprig of rosemary in between the two pin-keeps...measuring 5 x 5 inches...

Bird and flower pin-keep...40.00
Travel fare....6.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase...

Bird and Berries Pin-Keep...

My bird and berries pin-keep is crosses stitched on natural linen....Rick rak trim, linen cord and beads tied around the middle, very firmly stuffed and toped off with stick pins....Measuring 9 1/2 x 4 1/2...

Bird and berries pin-keep...45.00
Travel fare....6.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase...


I think Strawberry are the best, they go with everything, you can put them anywhere...My strawberries are made from civil war fabric, firmly stuffed with glass beads sewn on the berries as seeds...I am offering two sets of strawberries for filling anything and everything you can think of...I never run out of a fun place to put a new strawberry...

Groups of strawberries, one large strawberry, 6 inches long and two a bit smaller, 5 inches long...
Left side group of Strawberries 25.00
Right side group of strawberries 25.00
Travel fare 4.00 per set...

Please email me at moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase...

Spring Bird and Flower PIllow.

Spring Bird and Flower pillow
Is stitched on batik fabric with fancy embroidery stitched and over dyed floss, a wool bird, very firmly stuffed, 1/2 inch coordinating fabric boarder, measuring 15 x 14 inches.

Spring Bird and Pillow Number.      45.00
Travel Fare                                        12.00
Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

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