Fall Pillows.

The mornings are cool the leaves are turning I am stitching and sewing everything in orange and black sounds like fall to me:) First of this month I am offering  fall pillows number one is orange Jack he is made out of wool with a cotton print border and back,
hand made clay button eyes, appliqued, very firmly stuffed and measuring 11 x 11 inches.  

Orange Jack                                         40.00
Travel fare                                             8.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Black Jack  is made out of wool appliqued on a cotton fabric with a cotton print border and back, hand made clay button eyes, very firmly stuffed and measuring 10 x 10 inches. 

Black Jack                                 40.00
Travel fare                           8.00

Please email  moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Sun flower pillow is hand painted on canvas, machine quilted, front, back and border and made for cotton, very firmly stuffed and measuring 11 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches.

Sunflower Pillow                       40.00
Travel Fare                                 8.00
Please mail moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Fall Hanging Bags.

Spells hanging bag. Stitched on black linen, cotton border and back, extra long hanger, fully lined, filled with dried flowers and measuring 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches not including the hanger.

Spells Hanging Bag                               50.00
Travel fare                                               8.00

Witchy hanging bag is stitched on natural linen with two cotton fabrics making up the borders on the bag, extra long hanger. Fully lined, measuring 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches not including hanger. The sunflower has a dried sunflower centers  (you can see the seeds) with wool pedaled made from four different shades and patterns of wool.

Witchy Hanging Bag                50.00
Travel fare                                  8.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Pumpkin Head Brothers.

Pumpkin Head Brothers have been growing tons of pumpkins for the fall season. They have hand painted faces and feet, cotton print shirts, silk bow ties, wool pants, real pumpkin stems, very firmly stuffed and measuring 16 inches tall.
Pumpkin Head number one is Not quite ripe.
Number two is Jack (orange) and number three is Sidney (blue grey) .                    
Pumpkin Heads      $45.00 each     Travel Fare      $10.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com

Halloween People.

 My first Halloween person is Fredrick he is all dressed up for Halloween! He is hand painted, very firmly stuffed. Holding a string of quilted moon beams. Measuring 14 inches tall.

Fredrick                                              70.00
Travel fare                                 15.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Sid is ready to greet your Halloween guest! He is made from hand painted fabric with antique button eyes, black embroidery stitching,  black and white painted wooden dowels for hair. Hand painted and quilted pumpkin hanging for Sid's wrist.
Measuring 16 inches tall.

Sid                                              45.00
Travel fare                                  10.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

This is Stella, Sid's side kick. She is made from hand painted fabric with antique button eyes, black embroidery stitching, three different shade of purple painted wood dowels for hair. Hand painted and quilted pumpkin hanging for Stella's wrist. Wearing a  lovey black boa. Measuring 16 inches tall. 

Stella                                                    45.00
Travel fare                                            10.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com purchase.

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