Zelda the Witch.

Happy September! I'm super happy to be back with new Halloween treats!
I'm looking  forward to adding a ton of black and orange to my home for the Fall season.
First off this month I have Zelda the Witch, she has be growing pumpkins all summer long and with a hug crop Zelda is ready to decorate your home for Halloween:)
Zelda has a clay head, Frizzy hair and a head band with beads. 
She is very firmly stuffed. Made with cotton fabric, sitting on a black wooden stand and holding a pumping fresh from her garden with a real pumpkin stem. Measuring 13 tall. 

Zelda the Witch.                                        75.00
Travel Fare                                          l8.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo .com to purchase.

Freddy and His Friends.

Freddy has spent way to much time in the dark, his skin is turning green and his eyes are bulging. His head is made from clay, clothes are very firmly stuffed made from cotton fabric, standing on a wooden stand, with his three skull friend also made from clay. Measuring 9 inches tall.

Freddy and his Friends                                             45.00
Travel fare                                                                18.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Mr.Brush head

Mr. Brush Head Has been hiding in Zelda's pumpkin patch and has walked away with a pumpkin.
He is make from a one inch paint bush with a clay face, sitting on a wooden block, surrounded by a very firmly stuffed pumpkin. Measuring 9inches.

Mr Brush Head                                     35.00
Travel fare                                    12.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

King Voodoo.

King Voodoo has spent most of his summer shrinking heads, now he is ready for fall.
King Voodoo is made for a two inch paint brush with a clay face, standing on a wooden block, holding just a few of his shrunken heads and beads. Standing 9 inches tall.

King Voodoo                                       35.00
Travel fare                                           14.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Pumpkin heads, Henry and Malcom.

Two heads are better than one the Pumpkin head boys are also ready for Halloween, dressed up in their best attire.
Henry the first head is made from an one inch paint brush with a clay face, a wool leaf around his neck. He is standing on his brothers head which is Malcom. He is very firmly stuffed with wool face and fancy embroidery stitch to finish off his costume. Measuring 12 inches tall.

Pumpkin Heads, Henry and Malcom                                                                50.00
Travel Fare                                                                                                        18.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

                                                            Pumpkin Head Brothers

Pumpkin Head Brothers have been growing tons of pumpkins for the fall season. They have hand painted faces and feet, cotton print shirts, silk bow ties, wool pants, real pumpkin stems, very firmly stuffed and measuring 16 inches tall.

Pumpkin Head number one is Not quite ripe.
Number two is Jack (orange) and number three is Sidney (blue grey) .                    
Pumpkin Heads      $50.00 each     Travel Fare      $12.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com 

Thanks a bunch for stopping by!