Bird Pillow.

 I so hope spring is coming soon! I need a little sunshine,  I have been spending my time sewing and stitching bright happy things that remind me that spring is on it way:) The bird and  flowers on my Bird Pillow are made from wool with fancy embroidery stiches to give it depth and a layered look. The back ground is natural linen, colorfully striped border, very firmly stuffed and measuring 15 x 14 inches.

Bird Pillow           45.00
travel fare                              12.00
Please email to purchase.


Punch Needle Strawberry.

The large strawberry is punched needled with over dyed floss. Two small strawberries are made from cotton fabric. Hanging together with cording is an antique key and buttons, silk ribbon is used for the hanger. Measuring 14 inched long.

Hanging strawberries....                         45.00
Travel fare....                                            6.00

Please email to purchase.

Spring Bird and Flower PIllow.

Spring Bird and Flower pillow
Is stitched on batik fabric with fancy embroidery stitched and over dyed floss, a wool bird, very firmly stuffed, 1/2 inch coordinating fabric boarder, measuring 15 x 14 inches.

Spring Bird and Pillow Number.      45.00
Travel Fare                                        12.00
Please email to purchase.

Penelope and her Purple Turnip...

 Penelope she  is holding tight to her purple turnip...She is made from patched wool, blanket stitched around the edges...Her large turnip is made from purple prairie cloth, the bottom is squared off so she sits nicely, measuring 9 inches tall, very firmly stuffed...

Penelope with her purple turnip...$45.00 
Travel Fare 8.00

Please email to purchase...

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