Heart and Lace.

Happy New Year! Hopefully you all enjoyed a great holiday season filled with tons of family and friends:) As I take down all the red and green I love that Valentines day come so close so I can fill my home with red hearts as I start the new year looking forward to more fun ahead. This month I am offering hearts and then more hearts. First off is my Heart and Lace, hand painted on osenberg then
embroidered on top, very firmly stuffed, Gold wire hanger with glass beads attached, measuring 11 inches long not including the hanger.

Heart and Lace                    35.00
Travel fare                             7.00
Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Sun Kissed Heart.

My sun kissed heart has just a little splash of yellow to brighten your day.
Hand painted on osenberg then embroidered on top with over dyed floss, very firmly stuffed,
hanger made from cording, tassel on the bottom and measuring 11 inches long not including the

Sun kissed Heart              35.00
Travel fare                         6.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Circles and a Heart.

Circles and Heart is hand painted on osenberg then embroidered on top with over dyed floss. Silk ribbon hanger, very firmly stuffed, measuring 7 inches long.

Circles and a Heart                      25.00
Travel fare                                     6.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Double Heart Pillow.

My double Hear Pillow is hand painted on obenberg then embroidered on top with over dyed floss.
Stuffed pocket inside the  first heart to give the pillow a 3D look. Free form stitching on the large heart. Very firmly stuffed and measuring 13 x 11 inches.

Double Heart Pillow                   40.00
Travel fare                                  10.00

Please email moonpieprimitives@yahoo.com to purchase.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by,