Skating Mouse.

Merry Christmas to all! It's time to start decorating your home with festive Christmas treasures or finding a gift for a friend or family member. Hopefully you will find a new treasure here tonight:) First off I am offering a skating mouse. He is skating around a Christmas
patch work tree. My mouse is 7 inches tall with wool sweater and scarf blowing in the breeze. Hand painted wearing tin mittens, with bead eyes. The Christmas tree is 8 inches tall not including the hanger. Twig trunk, wooden hanging star and toped with a rusty bell.

Christmas Tree and Skating mouse  30.00
Tree only   12.00
Skating mouse only      25.00        
Travel fare     5.00

Please email to purchase.


My Hanging Angel is embroidered  around her outside wings and face, hand painted with punch needled stars. Measuring 6 inches long.
Very firmly stuffed.
Angel ornament        25.00                     Travel fare         5.00    
Please email to purchase.


Everyone need a new ornament or two for their Christmas tree:) My Ornaments are hand painted on fabric with a red and white fabric back, holly and a red jingle bell sewn on the hanger. Lightly stuffed so they hold there shape nicely. Five inched long.

set of ornaments                                              25.00
travel fare                                                          5.00

long ornament with painted holly                     10.00
Bell                                                                    10.00
round ornament with star                                  10.00
travel fare                                                            3.00 each

Santa and His Friends.

Santa is made for red plaid flannel, with curly cotton beard, wool trim around his hat, sleeves and pocket. Black laced boots. In his pocket is a Christmas tree with a rusty star on top and a candy cane  made from clay. Very firmly stuffed. He will hang or sit on a shelf, Merry Christmas embroidered on his coat, measuring 12 inches tall.

Santa                                  40.00
Travel fare                         10.00

Please email to purchase.      

Ginger Bread Man is made for plaid flannel with a star pocket filled with a cinnamon stick, red berry, red heart and leaf,  plaid bow around his neck, small rick rack around his arms and legs. Embroidered  saying on his body. He will hang or sit on a shelf, very firmly stuffed, measuring 11 inches tall.

Ginger Bread Man                   40.00
Travel fare                               10.00

Please email to purchase.

Silent Night Angel is made from off white flannel, striped feet, and flannel bow. Grape vine halo with a rust star and grape vine wings. Embroidered saying on her body. She will hang or sit on a shelf, very firmly stuffed, measuring 13 inches tall.

Silent Night Angel                              40.00
Travel Fare                                          10.00

Please email to purchase.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by, I am wish you a very Merry Holiday Season!

Santa Pillow.

My Santa Pillow is made from wool, back stitch and stem stitch used to stitch down all the pieces. Three different fabric boarders, very firmly stuffed, measuring 17 1/2 x 16 1/2.

Santa Pillow                          50.00
Travel Fare                            14.00

Please email to purchase.